Devops Learning Path

Learn Linux Basics
Explore Git Galaxy
Boost Scripting Skills

- Introduction to scripting languages (Bash, Python, etc.)
- Variables and data types
- Control structures (if statements, loops)
- Functions and modules
- Error handling
- Scripting best practices

Dive into Databases

- Database fundamentals
- Relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
- NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra)
- Database design principles
- Data normalization
- Basic SQL queries

Ace Web Servers Concepts
Web Servers

- Introduction to web servers (Apache, Nginx)
- Configuring virtual hosts
- SSL/TLS certificates
- Web server security
- Load balancing
- Web server logs and monitoring

Get to the Advanced Linux
Advanced Linux Concepts

- System services and daemons
- Memory management
- Swap configuration and optimization
- Process management
- Filesystem tuning
- Performance monitoring tools

CI/CD: Streamline Your Development

- Continuous Integration (CI) principles
- CI tools
- Build automation
- Automated testing
- Continuous Deployment (CD) concepts
- Deployment pipelines

Learn Containerization

- Introduction to containerization
- Docker installation and setup
- Creating Docker containers
- Docker networking
- Docker Compose
- Docker best practices

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